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Our Spring Season Continues

We had hoped to be back in theaters this Spring, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online. Join us on our Facebook page the night of screening.


6:00PM NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Leo Neill STAR BOY & DOG MAN (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Ted Schneider IQALUIT (USA, 13 minutes, digital)
Priya Mishra BATH BOMB (USA, 15 minutes, digital)
Philip Martins GETTIN’ SCHOOLED. GOIN’ SOUTH (USA, 17 minutes, digital)

7:00PM NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Shalisha Marie Moreno IN TOO DEEP (USA, 7 minutes, digital)
Logan Levitt L’AMOUR FOU (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Brianna K. Ryan ALTAR BOY (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Benjamin J. Young MAW OF DELUSION (USA, 12 minutes, digital)
Oliver Lin TO ADD OIL (Taiwan, 17 minutes, digital)

8:15PM NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Jack Komaroff ARMY OF DIVERS (USA, 34 minutes, digital)
In this fun action-heist film set during the height of WWII, a seasoned army general (Brandon DeSpain) recruits an ex-Navy SCUBA diver (Michael-Eoin Stanney), a boat captain (Griffin Glick), and an expert safecracker (Hunter Kohl) to locate and retrieve a safe worth 10 million dollars. The only hitch is that the safe is buried hundreds of feet underwater and the clock is ticking. With nothing but their wits and a little bit of help from the U.S. government, they will attempt to brave the uncharted waters and recover the safe, hopefully surviving this treacherous journey.

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