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We had hoped to be back in theaters thisSummer, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online. Join us on our Facebook page.

Our Summer Season Continues

NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Cleo Choi CUT TO BLACK (USA, 2 minutes, digital)
Taylor Goodman THE GOURMET STRUGGLE MEAL (USA, 2 minutes, digital)
Cameron Staley & Shivnil Lal GRIZZ (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Christopher Yoon-Soo Kim PACE (USA, 8 minutes digital)
Caleb Bergner NO WAY OUT (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Richard Schertzer DISTANCE (USA, 12 minutes, digital)
Brendan Allan ANGELL RD. (USA, 14 minutes, digital)

NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Georgia Stedman BREADCRUMBS (USA, 10 minutes, digital)
Hope Elizabeth Martinez ADAM (USA, 15 minutes, digital)
Gabriel Hirsch THE CONNECTION (Canada. 15 minutes, digital)
Kenny West BUMPER STICKERS (USA, 21 minutes digital)

NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Matt K O’Meara BEAUTIFUL MISSING PEOPLE (USA, 72 minutes, digital)
Tensions arise between students and friends when a social media account called “beautiful.missing.people” is created posting pictures of a missing girl, claiming “She’s not missing. She’s right here. With me.” Beautiful Missing People is a teenage drama focused on friendship, romance, betrayal, and freedom

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