Tuesday / January 11th / Online

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We had hoped to be back in theaters this Winter, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audinces to attend live events, we will remain online.

6:00PM NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Mac Rosenberg & Jonathan Scheibenpflug DUDE, WHERE’S MY DAD? (USA, 6 minutes, digital)
Daniel Ortiz FOLLOWED (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Abigail Weinick HOT TEARS (USA, 14 minutes, digital)
Andrew Greve THE BLUE MOUNTAIN (USA, 18 minutes, digital)

7:00PM NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Zsofia Opra-Szabo TANGO THROUGH LIFE (Canada, 7 minutes, digital)
Tofer Moran THE WAY THINGS GO (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
Denis Raey THE WISH 2 (Russian Federation, 12 minutes, digital)
Oscar Torre JUST A MAN AND A WOMAN (USA, 15 minutes, digital)

8:00PM NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Pelayo de Lario JACK (United Kingdom, 88 minutes, digital)
In this crazy, Super Bad style comedy, we follow the adventures of Charlie in the search for true love, helped by the advice of his heavily dysfunctional friends. When Charlie meets Barbie Le Fleur, a Canadian transfer student, Jack will do everything in his power to guide his friend in his quest to enchant his dream girl.

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