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Our Summer Season Continues

We had hoped to be back in theaters this Spring, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online. Join us on our Facebook page.

NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Emma Ridley RED EYE (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Pilar Malo BEGO (United Kingdom, 7 minutes, digital)
Danielle Alonzo Gillian BRONX’ISH (USA, 7 minutes, digital)
Emma Rose Hall-Martin CONGRATULATIONS (USA, 10 minutes, digital)
Zhicheng Zhang CLEAR WATER (USA, 11 minutes, digital)

NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Aman Narula FILMMAKING FOR RANSON (USA, 4 minutes, digital)
Attilio Crupi DANE FLOYD (USA, 13 minutes, digital)
Christopher Thompson SOLD (USA, 20 minutes, digital)
Chris St Lawrence MONKEY JUICE (USA, 23 minutes, digital)

NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Em Johnson BALLOON ANIMAL (USA, 88 minutes, digital)
A young circus performer, Poppy Valentine, is stuck under the harsh demands of her father and their community’s expectations. But while on a quick night out to let loose and have some fun with her friends, she finds herself captivated by small-town America, which then forces her to question everything.

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