July Screenings

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Online July 12 – 31

We have greatly expanded our online series. Join us on newfilmmakersplus.com for our free monthly screenings to see the best in new independent films by new filmmakers.


Robertson Tirado THE SHOW (USA, 2 minutes, digital)
Claire Seckler THE TURNING POINT (USA, 3 minutes, digital)
Brandon Frank Lopez PERCEPTION (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Sarada Rauch UNBELONGING (USA, 16 minutes, digital)
Michelle Li SLEEP TALKING (China, 19 minutes, digital)


Alicia Yu TIME’S TICKING (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Kenneth Ikaike Aune IT LIVES WITH ME (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
James Abrams A TIGER IN THE SUBWAY (USA, 10 minutes, digital)
Maria Gaca FIVE (Poland, 12 minutes, digital)
Orion Eshel & Luther Clayton MAN OF THE HARVEST (USA, 15 minutes, digital)
Guilherme Regio LEAVING YESTERDAY (United Kingdom, 17 minutes, digital)
Marlonino Banut FOLSOM (USA, 22 minutes, digital)


Aisosa Edokpay NO AIR (USA, 31 minutes, digital)
Enid Baxter Ryce WAR AND THE WEATHER (USA, 40 minutes, digital)
Zacry Spears & Carl Knight DELTA DAWN (USA, 51 minutes, digital)

Ferenc Vincze INSIDE THE CHEST (Austria, 73 minutes, digital)
A dream-like experimental animation film, a trip through the mind of a horror film writer


Flavio Ermirio de Moraes ONE LAST JUMP (Brazil, 11 minutes, digital)


Peter Meng KEYS TO THE CITY (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Masataka Ishizaki NO REASON (USA, 12 minutes, digital)
Josiah Johnson THE WEALTHIEST MAN IN THE WORLD (USA, 16 minutes, digital)
Banban Cheng HEARSY (USA, 18 minutes, digital)
Arthur Matveey BLUFF (Russian Federation, 20 minutes, digital)
Omar C. Johnson SEARCHING FOR DAMIAN O (USA, 50 minutes, digital)


Stephan Morrow THE ASSASSINATION OF J KAISAAR (USA, 97 minutes digital)
Mad Max meets the Sopranos in this chilling adaptation of Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra set after World War Three. In this dystopian (vaguely) U.S. future the conspirators may have thought they were saving the Republic but they unwittingly put the nails in its coffin because the elimination of J. Kaisaar brought young Octavius to the fore and he went on to outmaneuver everyone – including experienced general Marko T – to become the first Emperor of the Domain – so the days when men and women decided their own fates had ended. So as a cautionary tale for our own time audiences have been intrigued by comparing the differences and similarities to our present situation.


  1. Thanks to Barney Oldfield and the folks at New Filmmakers/New York for screening The Assassination of J. kaisaar and the Rise of Augustus (The Sopranos meet Mad Max). I started out simply wanting to make Shakespeare’s Roman tales more available to young audiences and the material organically morphed into lingo Tony Soprano would feel at home in. After all, the Romans were the O.G.s of history, right? So the similarities and differences of that narrative have kept audiences glued to the screen. We were very honored to receive The Best Sci-Fi Feature in The Golden State Film Festival in March.

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