Winter Series [ March 1 – 31 ]

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We have greatly expanded our online series. Join us on for our free monthly screenings to see the best in new independent films by new filmmakers.


Sobhan Farzaneh CURETTAGE (Iran, 10 minutes)
Saeed Mayahy TRANSFORMATION (Iran, 10 minutes)
Maziyar Kabiri WARNING NO SWIMMING (Iran, 11 minutes)
Mohammad Khaksari THE BLACK QUARANTINE (Iran, 14 minutes)
Azadeh Masihzadeh INSIDE THE SKIN (Iran, 17 minutes)
Nima Valibeigi ZERO COORDINATES (Iran, 18 minutes)

Wojciech Pokorski SAUDADE (18 minutes, Poland)
Lulu Pomorova EVERYTHING FOR MY FRIEND (25 minutes, Poland)
Mikolaj Janik MANDALA (25 minutes, Poland)
Dziennik Anastazji ANASTASIA’S DIARY (30 minutes, Poland)


Jessica Moore ONCE AND AGAIN (USA, 5 minutes)
Harvey Otto Abrahams (Australia, 7 minutes)
Maxim Latyshev FUTURE ADS (Russia, 8 minutes)
Sailesh Konchady LAST DANCE IN MARIUPOL (UAE, 10 minutes)
Gearld Canaday OBSCURA (USA, 13 minutes)
Beatrix Chu YU UNDERWATER (United Kingdom, 13 minutes)
Edward Dovlatyan SOMEBODY HELP GREG (USA, 13 minutes)
Mariah Molina MAN IN THE SKY  (USA, 13 minutes)
Daniel Nahum PRISMA (Israel, 14 minutes)
Kristen Buckeis OTHERSIDE (USA, 14 minutes)
Wes Andre Goodrich PALM SUNDAY (USA, 15 minutes)
Hyunsoo Song RETURN 0 (USA,15 minutes)
Taiga Shi RECONNECT (USA, 15 minutes)
Steven Liiro SUPER KOOL (USA, 17 minutes)
Tony Huang MAN IN THE MIRROR (China, 19 minutes)
David Chihhorng A DOWNING HEART PART 2 (USA. 20 minutes) 
Akshita Jaswal MASALA CHAI (USA, 20 minutes)
Shane LeCocq A TOUCH OF MAGIC (USA, 22 minutes)
Michael Park NOLI (United Kingdom, 24 minutes)


Hisham Bizri ELEKTRA (Lebanon, 78 minutes)
Set in the ruins of Beirut’s Piccadilly Theater after the war, the film tells the story of five actresses entangled in a web of deceit, revenge, and murder.

Estefania Cortes EDEN (Spain, 91 minutes)
Four strangers resort to Eden, a clandestine company located in the middle of nature, to end their lives. A guilt-ridden young woman who can’t forget her past.

Courtlin Byrd & Brent Cox (USA, 119 minutes)
Bomarzo is a psychological thriller about a woman alone in a house, haunted by the truth of her family’s past.

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  • Winter Series [ March 1 – 31 ]

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