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We had hoped to be back in theaters this Summer, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online. Join us on our Facebook page.

Our Summer Season Continues

NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Paulo Botelho DISCOVERIES (Brazil, 2 minutes, digital)
Moze Mertens ALLEDOAGS (Netherlands, 2 minutes, digital)
Shaun Hu ISLANDS (USA, 2 minutes, digital)
Asta Wellejus & Teddy Kristiansen ARTMINUTE1 (4 minutes, digital)
Vaibhav Madhukar Piwlatkar MORE, 4 minutes, digital)
Zhen Li THE WINTER PARADE (USA, 7 minutes, digital)
Jonathan Murphy & Mirona Mara SAMSARA (Ireland, 12 minutes, digital)

NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Jayme Coveliers BEACON (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
Sophia de Baun OUT THERE (USA, 10 minutes, digital)

NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Rodrigo Moreno Del Valle LXI (Peru, 77 minutes, digital)
Humberto (36) is committed to find an alternative way of living to that of the hectic city, managing to keep balance between his job and his small business. One day he receives a phone call that will disrupt his routine and challenge him in his pursuit.

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