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Our Holiday Program & Our Final Fall Program
Starting Dec 27th on http://newfilmmakersplus.com

John M Forte Jr A CHRISTMAS PROMISE (United States, 9 minutes, digital)
Nate Finnegan, scours the beach looking for shells to make Christmas tree decorations, when he meets a homeless person named Charlie, who thinks he’s an angel.

Gabriel Tibi THE TWO BROTHERS AND SANTA CLAUS (France, 20 minutes, digital)
As Christmas Eve approaches, Léo, a naïve 7-year-old kid, searches for evidence to prove that Santa Claus really exists. His older brother, Kevin, tries to prove him wrong.


Payleena Marie Naegele COAST (United States, 2 minutes, digital)
Jiabao Peng PUBERTY (China, 3 minutes, digital)
Robert Petrie BLUE (United States, 8 minutes, digital)


Joseph Parks REVERIE IN STRINGS (United States, 5 minutes, digital)
Rose M Florian Rodriguez BUILDING SPACE (Puerto Rico, 7 minutes, digital)
R Mizaki TECH TAC TILE (United States, 14 minutes, digital)
Kymberly Harris NOW AND NEVER (United States, 16 minutes, digital)


Katrina Desiree Belfield TOXIC (United States, 9 minutes, digital)
Dunt Project THE GIANT BOWL (United States, 10 minutes, digital)
Dariush Jafari DONOR (Iran, 10 minutes, digital)
Pedro Hasrouny MIDNIGHT GLOW (Portugal, 11 minutes, digital)
Ahmad Bakrin MOULDED (United States, 12 minutes, digital)


Michael Carlo Allen SOUND OF THE ISLAND (Italy, 93 minutes, digital)
An American sound engineer visits Sicily in search of his family roots and finds himself entangled with the local characters in a small town.

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