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We had hoped to be back in theaters this Winter, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online.

Our Winter Season Continues

6:00PM NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program
Foreign Films

Metin Bulut CERX (Kurdestine, 14 minutes, digital)
Amir Rooini LOCULUS (Iran, 15 minutes, digital)
Nahd Bashier SHOOTING OF EYAD AL-HALLAQ (Palestine, 18 minutes, digital)
Stephane Parientitho LES YEUX DE L’IMAGINAIRE (France, 21 minutes, digital)

7:15PM NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Amandine Thomas CHERRY COLA (USA, 13 minutes, digital)
Sheri Sussman SHUTTER THE DOORS (USA, 14 minutes, digital)
Geena Jung I HEARD SILENCE FROM HER (Korea, 29 minutes digital)

8:15PM NewFilmmakers Third Short Film Program

Ed Casey & Alex Veros THE TRIAL AND THE TRIBULATIONS OF SALLY (USA. 31 minutes, digital)
A woman refuses the sexual advances of two powerful men, who attempt to blackmail her and accuse her of public sex.

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