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We had hoped to be back in theaters this Winter, but with the uncertainty about future lockdowns and the hesitancy of audiences to attend live events, we will remain online.

Our Winter Season Continues

6:00PM NewFilmmakers First Short Film Program

Geena Jung ENDLESS NIGHT (South Korea, 27 minutes, digital)
Guided by a muse, an art collector finds a path of redemption as he leaves behind a world of threats, grifters, and shattered lives. Transcendence comes with the realization that this orphaned art lives in its own world and that we must transform ourselves to bear witness to its spiritual message.

6:30PM NewFilmmakers Second Short Film Program

Gigi Nettles SPIN CYCLE (USA, 14 minutes, digital)
John Henry Soto AND ON THAT DAY (USA, 15 minutes, digital)
Aneta Bussold SUMMER 43 (Poland, 27 minutes, digital)

7:30PM NewFilmmakers Feature Presentation

Manny & Lindsay Serrano DARK TALES FROM CHANNEL X (USA, 74 minutes, digital)
A babysitter, Cassie, finds an old TV set in the basement which pulls her into the world of The Viewer; an anonymous entity in a mask who broadcasts seven stories of horror from monsters under the bed and ominous stalkers, to ancient curses and personal demons in this anthology.

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