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Lidesh Chetty PEPE LE KOOL – ELECTRIC DREAMS (United States, 2 minutes, digital)
Guolun Feng CHILDREN LEFT-BEHIND (China, 7 minutes, digital)
Siti Lu BEYOND THE DRAMA (United States, 7 minutes, digital)


Kimberly Cummings ORDINARY (United States, 4 minutes, digital)
Hui Zhang BUTTERFLY (United States, 15 minutes, digital)
Gabriel Schneider INBETWEENERS (Israel, 22 minutes, digital)
Ingrid Kapteyn & Tony Bordonaro THE PIGEON & THE MOUSE (United States, 23 minutes, digital)
Jonathan Zalben PEOPLE (United States, 47 minutes, digital)


Nacho Pajin OIL AND BLOOD ON CANVAS (United States, 14 minutes, digital)

Preston Zeller THE ART OF GRIEVING (United States, 70 minutes, digital)
Following the death of his 35-year-old brother and faced with the emotional toll of grief, an artist delves into a year-long project to paint every day.

Guli Siberstein IMAGE OF PERCEPTION (United Kingdom, 64 minutes, digital)
A tribute to the pioneering, visionary film ‘A Page of Madness’ (1926, Japan, director: Teinosuke Kinugasa), reworked by AI colouring technology, digital processing, and re-cutting.


Liz Wallace SHIWI-VERSE (United States, 10 minutes, digital)
Joshua James & Ian Whittaker MINDFUL DRINKER (United States, 19 minutes, digital)

Mark Cooley & Derek Ellis FIGHTING INDIANS (United States, 116 minutes, digital)
On May 16th, 2019, The State of Maine made history by passing “LD 944 An Act to Ban Native American Mascots in All Public Schools,”

Jonathan Smith GUY FRIENDS (United States, 82 minutes, digital)
When a self-described “guy’s girl” and her boyfriend split, all of her guy friends simultaneously profess their secret, undying love for her.


Sihle Mondli Zwane SHLUG (South Africa, 4 minutes, digital)
Gwen Gottlieb THE WINTER FERN (United States, 10 minutes, digital)
Fabio Breccia IN UTERO (Italy, 12 minutes, digital)
Omar Cook SKANDALOUZ (United States, 13 minutes, digital)
Jingjing Tang LIVING DEAD (United States, 17 minutes, digital)
Louis Salvatore Bellanti GOOD BYE PARIS (France, 19 minutes, digital)
Kaye Spann THE UNWRITTEN RULE (United States, 21 minutes. digital)
Lindley Farley THE FAMILY GRAVES (United States, 27 minutes, digital)


Graham Winfrey CAPE CARL (United States, 90 minutes, digital)
A handyman in Cape Cod becomes embroiled in a scandal involving an influential family he’s known since childhood.

E. M. McCoy AD (United States, 85 minutes, digital)
A neon-noir film for the disinformation age and modern character study about an unstable loner who searches for purpose in all the wrong places and strives for significance in all the wrong ways.

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  • Tuesday / March 7th – 20th / Online

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