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Welcome to our Spring Series
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Joe Lueben WINDED (USA, i minute, digital)
Jeremiah Dickey MY DEAR MR. WHITMAN (USA, 2 minutes digital)
Gabi Fernandes, Trent Edward Bellet, Denise Anger, Amber Patel, Regina Vera Castellanos
CROSSING OVER (USA, 6 minutes, digital)
Kevin Mathein DEATH OF A PLANET (USA, 11 minutes, digital)


Justin Tang & Rishabh Trivedi BETTER TOGETHER (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
Imole Ladipo WAHALA BE LIKE BICYCLE (USA, 19 minutes, digital)
Blaise Beyhan HAND ME DOWNS (USA, 21 minutes, digital)
Jared Gagnon-Palick LIVE TO FARM (USA, 30 minutes, digital)


Gabrielle Carrubba DOWN BY THE WATER (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Guy Hamiel SHOW ME EVERYONE (Israel, 12 minutes, digital)
Leah Moth THAT WHICH FADES (USA, 13 minutes, digital)


Ieva Makselyte PARALLEL (USA, 76 minutes, digital)
Parallel is a low-budget, erotic drama written by Magowan and directed by Alexander Cooper and Ieva Makselyte. While the ideas presented can be considered far-fetched, the screenwriter/star does a wonderful job of developing the characters and their plight through honest and relatable dialogue. Dialogue can be the most troubling aspect of a script, but the conversations here feel realistic, even in the most improbable moments.

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