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AltFest @ NewFilmmakers celebrates alternative
social, political, and sexual cultures

In October 2009 the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr.
Hate Crimes Prevention Act becomes a law


Matthew Alexander MISTRESS CANDI (United States, 8 minutes, digital)
Tianjing Yuan HER EYES ARE FLAMING HOLE (United States, 9 minutes, digital)
Gabrielle Costello THE ONE (United States, 10 minutes, digital)
Marianna Phung UNSPOKEN AGREEMENTS (Canada, 13 minutes, digital, digital)
Jessica Orsik ENIGMA (United States, 13 minutes, digital)
Alexa Best EMOTIONAL LABOR (United States, 13 minutes, digital)
Patricia Delso Lucas FOR I AM DEAD (Belgium, 19 minutes, digital)
Victor Fontoura THE 2ND ACT (United States, 20 minutes digital)


Nancy Cohen Koan WOODSTOCK (Unted States, 79 minutes, digital)
Two filmmakers, one an alumni of the original Woodstock Festival, the other, a younger Brit who only read about the sixties, plan a return to the original site in hopes of re- kindling the spirit of the time. They meet up with the philosophic and political icons of the era who encourage them to believe in a more just world. In the meantime, they fall into their own kooky relationship, perhaps an accident of working closely together or a necessity born out of a need for spiritual growth for the changing times.

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