Wednesday / August 19th

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Due to the health emergency this screening has been cancelled and will be rescheduled when New York City theaters reopen.

We will be screening films online on Wednesday @ 6PM on Facebook (


Gavin Hipkins A MORE HUMAN WORLD (2019, 10 minutes, digital)
The atomic age’s humanistic optimism is revisited in this hybrid film through the artist’s father’s slide documentation from Brussels’ Expo 58.

Peter Welch CELEBRATION DAY (2020, 13 minutes, digital)
Celebration Day (or looking for something to do), is an existentialist journey through the borough of Manhattan, where the filmmaker visits various high profile events and landmarks in an attempt to find substance and fulfillment in the world’s most celebrated city.

Sonya Stepanova THE KNOT (2020, 9 minutes, digital)
With the world on the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis, three Soviet submarine captains must figure out how to respond to a potential attack.

Adam DeCarlo LOST & FOUND (2019, 12 minutes, digital)
After leaving his phone in a cab, a millennial New Yorker accepts a bet from two friends that he can’t make it through an entire weekend without his device, forcing him to look up and enjoy life untethered from his screen.

Experimental Doc

Anastasia Erastova & Geraldo Arias PRAYER BEFORE BIRTH (2019, 75 minutes, digital)
Through the journey of a young woman, the story takes us across wonders and catastrophes of the world. In search of her place within it, she seeks to regain true freedom.

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