Winter Series [ January 1 – 31 ]

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We have greatly expanded our online series. Join us on for our free monthly screenings to see the best in new independent films by new filmmakers.


Yanwen Wang CAFFEINISM (Australia, 2 minutes)
Jiansu Wang THE (W)hole (USA, 4 minutes)
Amber Simone Theisen LASTRY (Germany, 4 minutes)
Phia Pedretti EXCELLENTRICITY (USA, 4 minutes)
Hugo Wu SPIRIT DIVE (China. 6 minutes)
Wenya Chen EXTENSION (China, 10 minutes)
Verena Repar ECHOES OF GRIEF (Austria, 20 minutes)


Mattea Conforti SLATE (USA, 5 minutes)
Belia Catherine Pianko ALL JUMBLED UP (USA, 5 minutes)
Yebin Sim SNAP (Korea. 7 minutes)
Milosz Sawicki LIOSZA (Poland, 17 minutes)
A Roux Tabor FACE DIRT (USA, 19 minutes)
Casey Sky Rispoli & Shakirah Samuels SELAH (USA, 19 minutes)


Samir Mayhua HELLBOUND (USA, 6 minutes)
Hedayatullah Afghanzoy WRONG IS NOT RIGHT (United Kingdom, 7 minutes)
Liz Thompson UN-ABEL (USA, 7 minutes)
Yunle Liu WATER KNOWS THE ANSWER (USA, 9 minutes)
Sai Karan Talwar GHANIMAH (United Kingdom, 8 minutes)
Kavita Parekh WHEN YOU ARE READY (USA, 10 minutes)
Mikhail Asnani FLOATERS (United Kingdom, 12 minutes)
Steve Parya EULOGIES (USA, 12 minutes)
Mikhail Asnani LOBSTER TONGUE (United Kingdom, 12 minutes)
Ricardo Villanueva Avalos IN A FOREIGN AND UNKNOWN LAND (USA, 13 minutes)
Jing Yu Xiao GRANDMA’S MAGIC PILL (China. 15 minutes)
Busra Coduroglu I DREAM OF WHIRLING (USA, 21 minutes)
Shuojia Cheri MY MOM WANTS TO KILL ME (USA, 14 minutes)
Yana Osman TWIN FENCES (Russia, 15 minutes)
Cecilia Delgado YOUNG MOM (Brazil, 16 minutes)
Darrell Bridgers ZEKE (USA, 17 minus)
Tristan Anslyn WHERE THE MUSTANG GRAPES GROW (USA, 26 minutes)
Brittany Reeon Lee FORGIVE (USA, 37 minutes)


Tiffany Yingus Cheng RAVAGE (USA, 61 minutes)
Amid a small-town war, a mediocre call center contractor gets a suitcase for her fatuous small talk.

Rudy Cimic CYBER UNDERGROUND (Canada, 76 minutes)
Tyler Jackson is a software programmer living in a seedy part of Toronto. From his rundown apartment, he carries out a double life online as a hacker under the alias Akiro. Following a recent string of serial murders, Tyler starts to suspect a conspiracy at work targeting members of his online group. After meeting a mysterious girl being blackmailed by the serial killer, he finds himself drawn into a web of shadows involving a hacker who mysteriously vanished two years ago.

Kelvin Shum DELIVERANCE (Hong Kong, 96 minutes)
A fractured family of four brothers & sister confronts haunting memories of their mother’s passing 15 years ago.

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  • Winter Series [ January 1 – 31 ]

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