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We have greatly expanded our online series. Join us on for our free monthly screenings to see the best in new independent films by new filmmakers.


Chris Ohlson THE MAN WHO PLAYS WITH FIRE (USA, 4 minutes)
Douglas Corcoran MIDWEST ICE AGE (USA, 8 minutes)

Stephen Woods & Eric Notar HATE CRIME IN HOWARD BEACH (USA, 40 minutes)
Racial Incident involving 4 black men whose car broke down in Howard Beach Queens, NY on December 19, 1986. A group of white teenagers spots Michael Griffith, Cedric Sandiford & Timothy Grimes walking on Cross Bay Blvd, in a predominantly white section of Queens. The white teenagers begin chasing them with baseball bats and calling them racial slurs. 

Michele Dallas CROSSING THE WATER (USA, 40 minutes)
The impact of Bahamian pioneers in the development of South Florida.

Qasim Khan DAAYRE (Hong Kong, 47 minutes)
A student short doc filmed in Dimona, Israel in the Village of Peace.

Ayize James Everett A TABLE OF OUR OWN (USA, 89 minutes)
This full length documentary explores and celebrates plant medicine within Black culture, offering an opportunity to take a new approach on the world of psychedelics. As one of our interviewees puts it: “Wakanda not Woodstock.”


Jingchen Zhao MARE IMMENSUS (USA, 9 minutes)

Constant Van Hoeven RON ENGLISH: LIVING IN DELUSIONVILLE (USA, 67 minutes)
The documentary Living in Delusionville explores the impact of corporate messaging through art and its necessary antidote: noncommercial thought-provoking public art. Through the lens of Ron English, raised on consumerist iconography, whose visual language became the twisted and truthful distillation of pop detritus, the film offers an engaging roadmap to critical thinking, guided by the jolt and delight of art in the street.


Taylor Seupel THE SELF TAPE (USA, 4 minutes)
Ramya Sivakumar TRASH (USA, 5 minutes)
Federico Jimenez THE GRAND VIEW (USA, 8 minutes)
Ethan McKellar THE ENSEMBLE (USA, 10 minutes)
Jaiden Thompson DAWN (USA, 11 minutes)
James Benson CRISIS (USA, 13 minutes)
Ioannis Argirls BLENDS (USA, 13 minutes)
Zar Villanueva THE DAUGHTER (USA, 14 minutes)
Enrique Pedraza Botero & Faye Tsakas ALPHA KINGS (USA, 15 minutes)
Shanaan Speed & Ricardo Nicasio THE AUDITION (USA, 16 minutes)
Carol McCann THE SUIT (USA, 20 minutes) 
Claire Read & Nora Rose Deligter THE PEDESTRIAN (USA, 20 minutes)
Jackson Griffin DARK MODE (USA, 20 minutes)
 Jared Elkins BECOMING LUCY (USA, 20 minutes)
Serkan Aktas THE LIBRARIAN (Turkey, 21 minutes)
Darlene Sacco EMPTY POCKETS (USA, 21 minutes)
Gracie Flores CINEMA (USA, 23 minutes)
J C McKearnin BODY COUNT (USA, 26 minutes)
Mitch Ray BAGS (Canada, 29 minutes)
Pearl Gluck CASTLES IN THE SKY (USA, 30 minutes)


Ian Courtney MOVIE THEATER MASSACRE (USA, 72 minutes)
Jake, Wily, Rachel, Val, & Dan are employees at a movie theater. They enjoy working at an establishment that provides them the opportunity to discuss their favorite subject: movies. But the building’s owner, Harold, plans to sell off the property since movie going doesn’t seem profitable anymore. Random people start disappearing; while simultaneously, strange, and unexplainable things begin happening. Will they live to see another movie?

Tim Lightell MANBABY (USA, 93 minutes)
Comedian Sal Howard has a big problem: his wife, scientist Dr. Dana Howard, doesn’t want kids. To save his marriage, Sal tricks Dana into thinking he’s become a real baby to show Dana thejoys of motherhood. Sal’s harebrained scheme works. But the plan backfires

David Walter Hall PASSING THROUGH (United Kingdom, 96 minutes)
Tense, revelatory family drama. Carefree retired teacher Tom (Mark Little, Neighbours) and his new partner Iona have run away to start a new life together in the South of France. But when Tom’s estranged son Matthew shows up unannounced one day with his girlfriend Adele, the past starts to catch up with them. Tom and Matthew have very different memories of the messy divorce that left teenage Matthew fatherless.

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