Fall Series [ November 1 – 30 ]

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We have greatly expanded our online series. Join us on newfilmmakersplus.com for our free monthly screenings to see the best in new independent films by new filmmakers.


Juni Kweon HAPPY LITTLE BIRTHDAY (USA, 1 minutes, digital)
Kaylee Tian Lin Tan HEAD IN THE CLOUDS (USA, 3 minutes, digital)
Kevin Bauer LOVE, DADDY (USA, 3 minutes, digital)
Team, TANGYUAN (Taiwan, 6 minutes, digital)
Xzaviah J. Stone Sr NALB NOUM (USA, 11 minutes, digital)


Arushi Maheshwar BREAKING AWAY (USA, 3 minutes, digital)
Dominic Trapani TRAPPED IN THE TANK (USA, 4 minutes, digital)
Billy Conners .22 (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
Christopher Yoon-Soo Kim PACE (USA, 8 minutes, digital)
Julie Zida THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THE POCKET WATCH (France, 9 minutes, digital)
Arden Pala A SECOND CHANCE (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Kyle Prockter DUALITY (USA,19 minutes, digital)
Nick Romano IT IS STILL A BEAUTIFUL WORLD (USA, 19 minutes, digital)
Kenny West BUMPER STICKERS (USA, 21 minutes, digital)
Sam Friedman THE KISS SCRIPT (USA, 23 minutes, digital)


Jeff Likeski YOU UPTOWN HOYA (USA, 5 minutes, digital)
Hedayatullah Afghanzoy WRONG IS NOT RIGHT (United Kingdom, 7 minutes, digital)
Ricardo Pereira CLOSE CALL- DUPIN (Canda, 9 minutes digital)
Jack Komaroff & Lawson Wright THE NIGHTHAWK MURDERS (USA, 21 minutes, digital)


Willaim Venus Means BLUE SQUARE HEART (USA, 30 minutes, digital)

A drag queen is forced to reconsider his shockingly violent art when his estranged, conservative mother makes a surprise appearance at his show in an attempt to reconnect.

Rich Mallery FELINES (USA, 94 minutes, digital)
lonliness many of us feel in today’s society and how easy it is to lose ourselves in our desperate search for meaningfull connections. As each day passes we forget who we are, we hate the things we used to love, and we spiral us into hopelessness, being bombarded by images on social media of other people who seem to have found what we are lacking. We feel less comfortable in our own skin, and more distant from everyone around us. I want to show people that no matter how damaged you feel, how lost you are, that you’re not alone.


Elizabeth Balla THE DINNER PARTY (USA, 3 minutes, digital)
Sarah Fang Yi Lin & Yusri Sapari KILAT KAN SILAT (Singapore, 4 minutes, digital)
Lee Raphael Koppel THE APPS (USA, 9 minutes, digital)
Jared Watson THE FISHERMAN’S WIFE (USA, 9 minutes, digital)
Samantha D Lavin VAL (-E-REE) (USA, 11 minutes, digital)
Cecilia Romo SUENOS DE MI HIJA (USA, 13 minutes, digital)
Ayusha Sanjel Chhetr CHHAUPADI – THE IMPURE GIRL (USA, 14 minutes, digital)
Leon P Jackson THE INTERROGATION (USA, 17 minutes, digital)
Vitali Andrulis SQUEEZED (Canada, 20 minutes, digital)
Nader Mohandesi REPUDIATION, 24 minutes, digital)
Damien DeMedeiros & Alexandra Leroux COSMO MELANCOLIA (France, 30 minutes, digital)
Vibhas P A Kendzia & Sandra Wasko-Flood AWAKENING TO SPIRIT (USA, 35 minutes, digital)


Dragos George Baciu THE EMPEROR (Romania, 52 minutes, digital)
Spanish gangster Vincente Esperragozza is taking revenge on his brother after betraying him

Gabriel Alvim FORNEVER ALONE (Brazil, 70 minutes, digital)
Involved in a toxic relationship on an empty night, Fabiana decides to bet on new friendships.

Andy Bowles DUNGEON (USA, 66 minutes, digital)
In a town where people are missing, and desires turn into disaster, the mystery to what’s behind it all has uncovered the dark truth. That is that love can kill and more than once. In “DUNGEON” we follow the journey of Hoboken real estate broker Richard Gates (Andy Bowles) as he finds himself a victim of an unusual circumstance involving Kate (Faith Stanek) the only tenant of the newest building on the market. Frightened and scared he fights for his life all while his loving Grandma (Sheilagh Weymouth) and Hoboken’s overworked Detective Marsh (Victoria Meade) search for clues hoping to find him. In doing so Detective Marsh gains a lead to the whereabouts of a case that has gone cold involving missing person James Madison (Sheldon J. Nicholas Jr.).

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