Tuesday / February 7th – 20th / Online

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Valentine Day Program
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Yiri Woods ROUTINE (United States. 2 minutes, digital)
Yalan Wen CASCADE (United States, 2 minutes, digital)
Elina Tigrani Abovyan IT DOESN’T BITE (Russian Federation, 5 minutes, digital)
Francesca Gabbiani SEA OF FIRE (United States, 8 minutes, digital)
Augusto Schillaci LA CALESITA (Argentina, 10 minutes, digital)


Xiaoyu Sun STRAY (China , 5 minutes, digital)
Ann Marie Martin COLLISION (United States, 5 minutes, digital)
Brandy Jahan Lamkin MISCOMMUNICATION (United States, 14 minutes, digital)
Damaris Cruz & Johnston Blakley THE TICKET BOX (United States, 15 minutes, digital)
Erin Lau ALL I EVER WANTED (United States , 15 minutes, digital)
Ian Williams OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD (United States, 16 minutes digital)
Debora Rocha PARTY QUEST (United States, 16 minutes, digital)
Diana Zamojska SABINA (Poland, 17 minutes, digital)
William Venus Means MOXIE (United States, 17 minutes, digital)
Imani Christopher & Jabu Ndlovu TAKE CARE (United States, 17 minutes, digital)
Tony Giovanni Suriano MAN OBSESSED (United States, 20 minutes, digital)


Giorgi Tkemaladze I’M YOURS (United States, 39 minutes, digital)
Every relationship starts with love and lust. That’s what happened to David and Lucia, a strong, deep love that still continues after many years. The real question is, how loyal can you be to your true love when life tests you? Lucia is a middle-aged beautiful wife and mother who is having a secret relationship with Rick. Lucia’s Husband,

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