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Our Thanksgiving Program


Liza Asner BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR (United States, 17 minutes, digital)
A Family Thanksgiving Filled With Tsetse Flies, Food Allergies, Second Hand Stores and Language Barriers.Spend Thanksgiving with Ed Asner and his family! Enjoy Ellen’s great pecan pie, a holiday card game, and, ultimately, hilarious dysfunction in the last film completed by Ed Asner before his passing in August 2021.


Din Dinso ALL THOSE WHO WANDER (United States, 9 minutes, digital)
Jingheng Lin STRONG AS WATER (United States, 11 minutes, digital)
Tristan Taylor GOOD DAY (United States, 12 minutes, digital)
Danny Caporaletti A LITTLE SUN (United States, 18 minutes, digital)
Lindley Farley (United States, 27 minutes, digital)
Chou Lee THE TRACE OF A MOTH (Korea, 29 minutes, digital)
Andrew Hollingworth BUMP! (United Kingdom, 30 minutes, digital)
Chris Roberti ELTINGVILLE (United States, 30 minutes, digital)


Maruna Azumi EKIDEN (United States, 23 minutes, digital)
Bo Liu HOMEOWN LULLABY (China, 28 minutes, digital)

Ikunosuke Okazaki ENCOURAGEMENT OF EUTHANASIA (Japan, 111 minutes, digital)
The main character of this story, Tadashi, decides to die. He goes to talk to his friends, counseling services, suicide prevention support groups, and other places, but all they do is stop him from dying.


Matt O’Donnell RUNELIGHT (United Kingdom, 5 minutes, digital)
Aiste S. Gram MAZOJI (Lithuania. 12 minutes, digital)

So Young Yang KRAZY BEAUTIFUL (United States, 110 minutes, digital)
Kristen is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Some of her friends are real, but even with them, she is disconnected from the outside world. Soon, more people come into Kristen’s life and they treat her…like a normal person. It makes Kristen wonder: is she simply mentally ill or is she something more? A trickle from supernatural force? Kristen’s life starts to evolve.

Anurag Rudra NEW ME (United States, 90 minutes, digital)
A young mother, desperate to understand why she struggles to emotionally connect with her baby and husband, returns to her roots where reliving past traumas her memory has blocked allows her to become the artist, mother and lover she’s always wanted to be. BUT at a terribly haunting price.

Jake Byrd ADALYNN (United States, 89 minutes, digital)
In order to keep herself and her newborn baby alive, a mother must fight to overcome postpartum depression, grief, inner demons, sinister impulses, and an unseen tormentor until her husband can return home from his business trip to help her.

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